Our Team

“Our mission is to simplify the decision making process in fantasy sports by providing actionable insights with no fluff.”

Sam Factor

Sam has been obsessed with fantasy sports since he was 10 years old. He has been leveraging math to win fantasy football contests since 2017. Built Walter to offer his to a wider audience.

Dylan Shane

Full-stack engineer and computer scientist focused on building automated machine learning models to best predict points and statistics in fantasy sports.

Bryan Welfel

Operates Fixed Focus which is a team of product and marketing strategists that bring companies to market with great product and marketing to achieve fast and profitable growth at scale.

Joey O'Shea

Expert full stack developer dedicated to building user-first procut experiences that are built to scale cost effectively.

Ben Sloneker

Product and marketing strategist with a hyperfocus on the customer journey and maximizing conversion at each step of the funnel.